Chilled Food Associates

A food industry resource

Boards & Committees

2019-present: IFST Food Safety SIG

2017-2019:    GFSI Biocides & Cleaning Agents TWG

2016-present: RSPH Food SIG Steering Group

2016-present: Tesco Expert Panel

2016-2017:    FSA/Defra/WRAP date labelling guidance review group

2016-present: FSA Recalls Efficacy Staskeholder group

2015-present: NSF Certification Body Impartiality Board

2014-present: CIEH Food Advisory Board (previously TIFSIP 2014-16)

2014-present: BEIS Business Experts Hygiene Group

2014-present: BEIS Business Experts Meat Group

2014-present: BEIS Business Experts Standards & Labelling Group

2013-2015:     SUSSLE2 Management Group (Project Manager}

2013-2016:     Food Standards Agency Procurement/Provision Subgroup

2012-2017:     Agri-Food Advance Training Partnership Management Board

2012-2018:     IFST Communications Group

2010:              Defra/FSA Date Marking Guidance drafting group
2010-2012:     IFST Public Affairs Committee
2009-2010:     FSA Lm and Shelf Life Guidance drafting group
2009-present: EFFoST Food safety standards WG
2009-present: EFFoST Environment WG
2009-2015:     UKFFoST Executive Committee (Observer as CFA)
2009-2012:     IFST Communications Task Force
2009-present: IFST Professional Food Microbiology Group
2008-2012:     SUSSLE Expert Group
2008-2012:     SUSSLE Management Group
2008-present: FAO/WHO Expert Group on Leafy Green Vegetables and Herbs

2008-2010:     WRAP Confidence in Compost Technical Advisory Group
2007-present: Northamptonshire Ambassador

2006-2008:     Food Standards Agency VP/MAP Working Group

2006-2007:     DEFRA FISS Champions Group on Waste

2006-2008:     DEFRA Lean Manufacture Project Board

2006-2008:     DEFRA/Imperial College Waste Arisings PhD Board

2005-2008:     LINK/IFR/CFA Pathogen Attachment Project Board

2005-2013:     2 Sisters Food Group Certification Body Governing Board
2004-present: Food Standards Agency Industry Stakeholders Forum

2003-2007:     DEFRA Sustainable Food and Farming Research Priorities Group

2002-2005:     GCTCB Governing Board

2002-2004:     Silsoe Research Institute Business Liaison Group

2002-present: University of Salford HACCP MSc/Diploma Advisory Board

2001-2008:     Food Industry Panels Group (Sec 2001-3, Chairman 2003-2008)
1999-2007:     FDF Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Committee

1995-2007:     FDF Food Hygiene Sub-Committee

1995-2008:     IFST Internet Subject Interest Group Co-ordinator

1991-present: European Chilled Food Federation

1991-present: BSI Refrigerator Standards Committee

1990-present: UK Microwave Working Party